How I Bought My Gaming Motherboard


Chipset acts as a backbone and is a vital source for communication and data transfer to and from other parts of the computer. A processor requires a chipset in order to complete its function and is linked through the use of small networks. Newest chipsets, not affecting their functionality have different proceeds on the controllers of a motherboard.

Intel has executed their (PCH) platform controller hub, debating on the possible incorporation with the processor. Chipset is the total arrangement of all the combined controllers, lanes and processors.  The difference between diverse generations of different chipsets is defined through alternate options with modified operations.  There can be difference of CPU compatibility due to difference in type and architecture than the preceding. Possible way to examine such differences is to analyze the ideas of Intel and AMD. Intel branding scheme has chipsets of four types.

  • Z 77 is most widespread 3rd generation chipset. Major features include availability of lane, processor supportive of overclocking. Main advantage of this chipset is its use during high overclocking. This mother board offers a lot of future alteration options.
  • Z 75 allows processor and memory overclocking and gives the same performance as Z 77 but it is restricted to specific single and double card configurations unlike Z 77 but that doesn’t make it less useful for gamers. This chipset is essential if a gaming rig is required.
  • H 77 offers less features and options but is more economical.


The extreme series of chipsets are in excess for most of the applications and their high end clock speeds are of much amusement. These chipsets make up the best gaming motherboard.

AMD has chipsets of 4 types. The confinements of these chipsets are less complex as those of Intel’s. Lane, slot availability and bridge options are major differences between different chipsets. The chipsets differ from each other on physical parameters located on the motherboard.

  • 990FX due to its added lane and multi GPU has many advantages for its users.
  • 990X is considered most of the times by the system builders due to its high performance of graphics.
  • 970 are economical and is considered a very conventional chip.


Reasons for choosing these high rated chipsets can be for entertainment and up gradation purposes.

How to Buy the Right Keyboard for Sport Simulators

TteSPORT is involved in the gaming industry for the past several years. Because of the consistent requests for keyboards and mice from gamers and end clients, Thermaltake chose to make a progression of best gaming keyboard, mice, and headsets with the Tt eSPORTS brand. By utilizing Tt eSPORTS, they develop their product offerings into the gaming business, and give a more ”customized gaming” riggings to gamers and devotees around the world

It specialises in custom-made equipment designed for the comfort and ease of its users. It is a leading expert in making top-class e-sport gaming accessories. TteSPORT wrist rest is an example of such a product. The gaming accessory is on the loose internationally in August 2014.

Unlike other wrist rests available nowadays for the gamers, TteSPORT wrist rest is unique and recommendable as it is not particular in use for any one keyboard. It comes in two variations.


  • TteSPORT Gaming wrist rest

Gaming wrist rest has a very modest design with the company’s logo imprinted on the left hand side.

  • Team DK Gaming wrist rest

Gaming wrist rest team Dk edition has visual design complimenting the team DK theme. The design uses some bright enchanting colours to bring more excitement and style to the game.

The wrist rest is designed for heavy gamers to eliminate all the strain and ache while doing hours of continuous gaming. It facilitates the users to maintain their hand posture in a much more comfortable and desirable angle so that there game is not disturbed.

As there is no exclusive apparatus required for its setup, the wrist rest can be well attached with most keyboards and laptops. The other wrist rests available in the market are keyboard specific and they attach and work only with those keyboard and laptops for which they are designed.


The surface of the wrist rest is very soft in touch due to the usage of fine cloth on its top providing its users with a calm tactile experience during gaming. Also the wrist rest is also feasible hygiene wise. Daily usage of it makes the wrist rest dirty and unclean. To facilitate proper cleaning of wrist rest it is hand washable as the top lining is made of fabric lining.

The wrist rest is kept and fixed in its position in front of the desired keyboard through the use of SBR rubber sheet which doesn’t allow it to slide. The rubber lining on the bottom also makes the wrist rest safe and provides protection to the table or rack below it. The wrist rest is joined virtually to any desired keyboard.

TtesSPORT wrist rests are great for travel and are quite handy in carriage as they are long-lasting. They bear heavy wear and tear and doesn’t break easily like other wrist rests. They can be taken along easily by putting them in travel bag. No extra care case or packing is required.

Really Hyped About the NBA 2k16

Little over a week ago I saw the video from NBA 2KTV, announcing the new featrues that will be developed by the NBA 2k16 game which will be released later this fall. Now I know the its predecessorm 2k15 was something special, but from a first glance this new one will be even better.

The new My Career mode entitled “Be the Story” looks to be very entertaining, with the plot directed by the famous Hollywood director, Spike Lee. The game will be much more realistic, with even the sneakers being designed with more detail, crowdes acting more natural. The movement of the payers will also get an improvement, so it will add a whole other level to the game.

With the video quality getting a boost to, I really don’t know if my gaming desktop will support this game at maximum resolution. I think I may buy one of the top graphic cards on the market right now, the AMD Radeon R9. I know it’s a bit expensive, but I’m sure it will make a huge difference when it comes to the video experience.

Finally, I would like to share this video which will help you guys get a little bit of insight into the new NBA sport simulator which will hit the store somewhere around October, I believe.